Discover Bell Joy Ride: SANTA ROSA, CA

Santa Rosa Bell Joy Rides are all about women, camaraderie, support, networking, and fun! I want ignite a huge movement within Sonoma County to get more women on bikes.

It is my life mission to support and encourage more women through mountain biking. I love to host rides that provide an atmosphere where women feel comfortable trying new things, improving skills, networking with other women, and — above all else — having fun! I am so excited to continue growing the amazing community of women mountain bike riders here in Santa Rosa, CA, with the amazing assistance from the Bell Joy Ride program.

Meet Ambassador Amber-Lyn

Jaclyn Delacroix
It is my life mission to support and encourage more women through mountain biking.

I hail from: Discovery Bay, CA

But I have roots in: Santa Rosa, CA

I pay my rent/mortgage by: Planning meetings for a Medical Device Company, Medtronic

My guilty pleasure is: Sour Patch Kids

When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be: A unicorn (I’m pretty dang close!)

Now that I’m all growed up, I really want to: Be a kid again

The best time I ever had on a bike was: Riding mountain bikes in Spain

The worst time I ever had on a bike was: My first 6 months into riding when I didn’t check my V-break pads and found out the hard way what happens when you don’t have breaks (Hint — you break your ankle)

I love being a Bell Joy Ride Ambassador because: I get to empower, support & encourage other women by passing on the gift of mountain biking

My mama always used to say: Always vertical never horizontal … okay don’t include that

I’ve always wanted a pet: Flamingo

Because: Flamingos are amazing. Period.

Shout out to: My mama

Because: She’s put up with me for the past 29 years (let me tell you, it hasn’t been all downhill)

My five favorite words are: It’s new bike day Amber!

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The Sixer is my favorite helmet because of the color and style but most importantly because it fits perfect and I never feel like I’m wearing a helmet!

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