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Discover Bell Joy Ride: Kansas City, MO

Kansas City Bell Joy Rides are about bringing like-minded women together in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere to enable them to enjoy the ride for what it is — a bike ride.

What's not to love about a bike ride?! The program joins women from all walks of life, across all levels of cycling, and of all ages to find or strengthen a passion in mountain biking. Whether you ride to compete, to reduce stress, to lose weight, to escape, to be a part of something bigger, or to do all of these, it doesn't matter. Bell Joy Ride: Kansas City, MO unites these unique women in support of each other and the sport.

Meet Ambassador Samantha

Jaclyn Delacroix
Bell Joy Ride gives me even more means to enable women to grow their love of mountain biking and inspire in them a passion for the ride.

I hail from: The hills of McLouth, KS, between Lawrence and Kansas City

But I have roots in: The farm fields of extreme Southwest Kansas

I pay my rent/mortgage by: Crawling through red tape to manage public lands and waters for current and future generations

My guilty pleasure is: Running away from responsibilities into the woods

When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be: Successfully happy in an outdoor job

Now that I’m all growed up, I really want to: Travel and explore

The best time I ever had on a bike was: Learning to mountain bike while building the same trail I was learning on, traveling to new trails with bike friends, and maybe the first 140 miles and the last 30 of the Dirty Kanza 200 in 2017

The worst time I ever had on a bike was: Those in between miles of the Dirty Kanza 200 in 2017, specifically mile 153

I love being a Bell Joy Ride Ambassador because: It's humbling, exciting, and rewarding to be surrounded by badass women

My mama always used to say: Don't be a horse's patoot

I’ve always wanted a pet: Sugar Glider

Because: I'd had everything else

Shout out to: My Bell Joy Ride KC team, past and present

Because: You badass ladies make this beautiful thing work

My five favorite words are: Which trail should we ride?

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Super 3R

My favorite helmet is the Super 3R due to its versatility and comfort. It's my daily go-to, whether navigating rocky singletrack, vacationing in Colorado for gnarly downhill, gravel grinding in those Eastern Kansas hills, or even for paved and concrete urban exploration.

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