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Discover Bell Joy Ride: Edmonton, AB

Edmonton Bell Joy Rides are all about getting women excited about mountain biking.

We have extensive circles of riders to engage, and we’re passionate about maintaining a lifestyle that facilitates healthy mind and body. We want to build a fun and safe place for women to come and spend time together on the incredible singletrack that Alberta has to offer. We want our rides to be events that women look forward to and plan their summers around. Our Joy Rides are about building relationships, getting outside, and building memories. We want people to go to work the next day and be excited to share their adventures with their coworkers.

Meet Ambassador Adele

Adele Wardley
Being a Bell Joy Ride ambassador gives me an opportunity to connect with other women, share passion, and build community.

I hail from: Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada.

But I have roots in: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

I pay my rent/mortgage by: I’m a Registered Nurse.

My guilty pleasure is: Craft beer.

When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be: A paleontologist.

Now that I’m all growed up, I really want to: Work less and ride more. Doing a pretty bang up job thus far.

The best time I ever had on a bike was: It gets updated pretty consistently! We recently did a month long riding trip that started in Whistler and Squamish; we went out to Vancouver Island and then down the Sunshine Coast, it was pretty epic.

The worst time I ever had on a bike was: Getting very lost on a camping date and ending up doing a looong hike-a-bike in the dark, and the cold rain. We are still together, so it’s pretty much a love story.

I love being a Bell Joy Ride Ambassador because: It gives me an opportunity to connect with other women, share passion, and build community.

My mama always used to say: “Spread the stoke!” Just kidding, she recently asked me what stoke “is?” It’s still funny. My favourite mum-ism will always be “well, it would be a boring world if we all wanted the same thing.”

I’ve always wanted a pet: Cat.

Because: Happiness is wanting what you already have.

Shout out to : Our trail community: riders, leaders, builders, athletes, volunteers, coaches, mechanics, shops...and EVERYONE who contributes to / advocates for the preservation of the Edmonton River Valley.

Because: They make my home city a rad place to be, and ensure that our stomping grounds will continue to be stomped for many years to come.

My five favorite words are: Don’t worry, it’s not broken.

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