Discover Bell Joy Ride: RICHMOND, VA

The mission of Richmond Bell Joy Rides are to provide an opportunity for women to feel safe and comfortable while learning to ride trails and improve upon their mountain biking skills.

We offer monthly trail rides throughout the area with occasional weekend field trips to experience different trails in nearby cities. All of the trails are suitable for new riders and also offer an enjoyable ride for experienced riders. Our rides are tailored to beginner and intermediate riders and we'll break up into groups based on skill level so that there is something for everyone.

Meet Ambassador Kendell

Jaclyn Delacroix
Hope you will come join us on the trails!

I hail from: Richmond, VA

But I have roots in: Still Richmond

I pay my rent/mortgage by: Managing a GIS Office (it's like Google Maps on steroids)

My guilty pleasure is: Wine, and retail therapy

When I was little, I wanted to grow up and be: A doctor

Now that I’m all growed up, I really want to: Retire early

The best time I ever had on a bike was: Riding with my gals and finally clearing the dicey creek crossings that psyched me out for years

The worst time I ever had on a bike was: An XC race in the cold, pouring rain, in mud, through creeks up to my waist, while going up and then down a rocky mountain

I love being a Bell Joy Ride Ambassador because: It is incredibly rewarding and I have an awesome community in RVA that supports me

My mama always used to say: I wish you would stop biting your nails (I finally stopped at age 35)

I’ve always wanted a pet: Bear

Because: They are so darn cute

Shout out to: My other half

Because: He puts up with me spending almost all of my free time on this stuff

My five favorite words are: Bikes are cheaper than kids

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I would say the Sixer because it has good coverage but isn’t bulky or heavy for long rides.

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