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Formula LED Mips

The already impressive performance and value of the Formula shines even brighter with the addition of an integrated 20-lumen rechargeable LED rear light.

Formula LED Mips


The already impressive performance and value of the Formula shines even brighter with the addition of an integrated 20-lumen rechargeable LED rear light.

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Formula LED Mips Details


Light Up the Road

It is widely regarded that increased visibility equates to increased safety. To that end, we have taken our classy all-rounder, the Formula, and incorporated a bright, 20-lumen rear LED into the fit system. It's unobtrusive, highly visible, easily rechargeable with an included micro USB, and it just might make the difference between being seen and not. Availability, certification, color, and pricing may vary per region. If outside of the USA, please check with your authorized local dealer for more information.



Impact Management
Mips® Evolve
Chemical Composition
Stainless Steel Lithium
Fusion In-Mold polycarbonate shell
Battery Type
Lithium Ion
Fit System
Float Fit LED™
Product Weight
CPSC: 303g (Size M)|CE: 283g (Size M)
Complies with the US CPSC Safety Standard for Bicycle Helmet for Persons Age 5 and Older
Formula LED Mips Specs


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4 Reviews
Great helmet for my big head
This is my first helmet ever. I have a big head and find too many accessories not fitting properly. This helmet fits like a glove. I find it quite bulky, but air vents provide enough cooling on hot days under direct sunlight it's even cooler with the helmet on than without it. Regarding light - yes, it's a poor addition because it uses micro usb that is recessed very deep into plastic - hard to connect. Then its not clear about battery life - it has green/red indicator, but most of the time it is best just to top the battery before leaving house, because when not charged it will simply switch off after a minute or so... It starts blinking when its about to die, but it's also blinking when you set it to blink. So there were times when i turn the light (it blinks as usual), turn the helmet on and light turns off after another 30s. Obviously, I had no way of knowing.
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Helmet is great but you can’t change the battery on the light so once it dies (in a few months) you have to throw the helmet away. What a piece of junk. I’ve had Bell helmets for 30 years but will never buy another.
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great helmet, light only stays on 10-15 mins.
I like the helmet and the fit. Comfortable and not heavy (even with the light). I didn't realize the light only stays on such a short time though. It auto shuts off after 10-15 mins regardless of the setting. You can turn it right back on but as it's on the back of my head, I don't know it's gone off. Great for really short trips only if you want the light.
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Good function, bad design, worse support
I'll preface by saying that safety wise, the helmet is solid, MIPS is a nice add. It's very comfortable, and it sits very firmly on my head - but your mileage may vary. These are to-be-expected necessities. Now come the two glaring issues I had: 1 - The LED light is non-removable. It is connected to the inner framing of the helmet through 2 Microscopic soft plastic pegs, that must have lasted me a couple of months before being completely scraped away by regular helmet movement - now it just hangs there limply, and gets in the way of the adjustment mechanism to make the fit way less comfortable and convenient to adjust. It also has an absurdly outdated battery tech that lasts a miserable less-than-an-hour before needing to recharge, which is a pain, since you have to find somewhere in your home to connect a melon-sized helmet, every day if you commute in the dark. This is made even worse because someone chose to save 2 cents on the connector to make it Micro-usb instead of usb-c. This makes it annoying to connect and prone to failure. 2 - Now for the surprise-problem I would've never predicted. The inner helmet liner (some thin and soft synthetic textile), that contacts your head, is very cheaply made - it's a couple of layers, I think two outer textile layers with super thin foam in between to cushion. This is fine, but all of it is just glued together, leading to them coming apart after maybe a year of commute. And yet again, this would've been fine, should we be able to pay 5 bucks for a new liner (at a cost to Bell of a few cents each in BOM). I tried to do so, except there is no stock on planet Earth. After getting in touch directly with Bell support, their recommended solution is to... "call multiple authorized partner retailers for them to push orders internally, so that demand can be detected, and maybe trigger Bell to manufacture more stock". The second issue above I feel is just straight up negligent and anti-consumer practice. For a liner that could even be share design between entire product lines, a company of Bell's size should be mandated and certainly expected to carry repair parts for regular wear and tear. I'm sure this won't reach class action size, but it's another example of obsolescence by design. Cheap no-name helmets have better designed QoL features than an established market leader. Hopefully someone in Product Dev will be inspired.
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