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Under the Helmet with Kage Tadman

Under the Helmet with Kage Tadman

Under the Helmet with Kage Tadman

What can we expect from the next generation of athletes and moto-enthusiasts? Meet Kage Tadman: a 13-year-old Flat Track Racer who chases checkers, and dreams of going pro while making time to be a kid. In our latest episode of Under The Helmet, we caught up with the young athlete, and his father/coach/mechanic/pit-boss, Keith Tadman to get the low-down on all it takes to go big in the crazy world of racing.

Growing up around motorcycles, Kage was lucky to learn the tips of the trade from his father, from proper bike maintenance in-between races to good sportsmanship if things don’t go his way, and continues to evolve as an athlete across all verticals. With a 2021 Youth Rider of the Year award and four Amateur Grand National titles under his belt, it’s clear Kage has his eyes on the prize, but it’s important to him to not lose sight of what the sport is as its core — fun. After all, life on two-wheels is anything but boring and monotonous.

And while motorcycles do take up a hefty chunk of his energy, Kage always prioritizes making time to enjoy off-days hanging with friends or learning new tricks at the skatepark. It’s all about training hard but living life to its fullest.

Friends, family, motorcycles, and the drive to podium — If the next generation is like Tadman, then the sport is in good hands. Watch now to get an insider’s peek under the helmet of Kage Tadman.

I am very competitive, so yes I do want to win. But I’m just here to have fun and hang out with my friends.
Kage Tadman
Kage and his father working on a motorcycle in a garage.
Not only do the father-son duo share a love of two-wheels, but Kage's father is a man of many hats ranging from coach, pit boss, and mechanic.
Kage working on his motorcycle in a garage.
Bike maintenance is crucial after every race. Kage's father has entrusted the young athlete with the mechanical skills to make sure his bike is running at full speed.
Kage smiling at the camera with his skateboard in hand.
When he's not racing flat track, you can find Kag at the skatepark with his friends.

Kage Tadman’s Helmets

Bell helmets not only look good and fit perfect, but they also give me the best protection I need on the track!
Kage Tadman