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Under the Helmet with Eli Tomac

Under the Helmet with Eli Tomac

Under the Helmet with Eli Tomac

There is nothing ordinary about the Tomacs especially when it comes to Eli Tomac. As Eli enters his 12th competitive year as a professional motocross rider, not much has changed for the 6-time champion. In this episode of Under the Helmet we take a deep dive on what it was like for Eli growing up in Colorado, amateur racing, and his unorthodox training system.

The problem with racing is you get addicted to going for the checker flag, the win.
Eli Tomac
Interview with Eli.
Interview with John.
Throwback of the Tomac Family.
Throwback of Eli and John.
The Tomac Ranch's shop is filled with memories from Eli's career.
A pile of race-worn helmets occupy one corner of the shop.
New year, new bike for Eli.
John told us that when Eli made the decision to pursue racing as a career, he had him put up this list of all the prior year champions. If you look closely you can see when Eli got to add his name to the list.
Eli getting ready for training.
Such a nice berm, not sure why Eli insisted on destroying it.
Eli kickin' up some dirt.
Eli loving his new bike.
Even with a wildly different bike, Eli's signature style shines through.
A typical training day for Eli, John, and mechanic.

Eli Tomac’s Helmet

The helmet is a huge part of my race program, and the Moto-10 gives me the confidence I need.
Eli Tomac