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Custom 500



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Custom 500


Throwbacks and retro lids are nice, but nothing beats an original. Back in 1954 Bell founder Roy Richter formed his first helmet out of fiberglass and named it the “500.” Bell’s Custom 500 pays homage to Richter’s original design while adding modern protective technology to bring the design up-to-date.


  • Custom-Quilted Liner
  • Fiberglass Shell
  • Five-Year Warranty
  • Integrated Snaps
  • Padded Chin Strap with D-Ring Closure



1200 Grams


Not applicable


  • DOT
  • ECE

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Europe approved Gonzalo

Loved it, i would probably like it more without the red logo on the lining and with black instead of red string, but anyway, really cool. Is this going to get ECE (Europe) approved any time soon?
Sick of getting tickets for stupid things

Great helmet. Chris Edgar

Lightweight, cool lookin helmet. There is a little drag/pull/lift at highway speeds but it is a gentle not a head ripping off pull like other more expensive open face helmets. With a half visor or full the pull is reduced even further. The three snaps make this the most versatile helmet I've ever used. No major complaints. The fit seemed odd at first but now that is broken in and that I'm used to it, the fit is great. Its almost like no helmet at all.

this helmet saved me Jef

I hit an oil spot in a turn this weekend and went down. I was wearing a Custom 500 and my head hit hard and slide across the road. The helmet took all the impact and all the damage, not my head. They are good looking but more importantly, they work. I would recommend this helmet to anyone.

RSD Grand National Rhino

Purchased the helmet new on ebay because the paint scheme i wanted was last years mod.and no longer avail. Man I love this helmet ! Looks great while riding my vintage Cafe bikes.

I own 7 helmets Davida's,scorpian ,shoe and this is my absolute fav ! I want another one but waiting for the perfect paint scheme. It's comfortable! breathes well in the texas heat and the visibility is amazing !!! Hey Bell helmet dudes, How about a matte black with a 59 club # on sides !!!

bell cobra bought on clearance sale... back in the saddle (BITS)

turns out to be the quietest most comfortable , AND COOLEST HELMET of any i have owned (manyof all types) great job Bell!

Bell 500 Dark Rida

I tried this helmet on in the store, and loved it, but, they didn't have the color I wanted. When I got home, I ordered the color I wanted,(Orangeflake) and now I'm happy. It's one of the few DOT helmets that don't make me look like "Marvin the Martian" and it actually feels nice on my head. A good idea would be for Bell to make removable foam on the inside, so that you can "customize" your fit.

Custom 500 shaun

man...just got my 500 today...all i can say is it is about f'ing time...great product...thanks for paying attention to what people want

black flake 500 pin-hi Po

great comfy lid, protects hearing at highway speed, very comfortable

Great Helmet Will

Awesome helmet, great fit. I am a size small and tried on many helmets that make me look ridiculous, but the 500 fits great is slim and very comfortable. Great looking helmet. Looking to buy a different design soon. Definitely recommend this helmet.

bitchin helmet 40 hr- OT worker

once the helmet breaks in fits like a glove... don't even know i'm wearin' it. a bad ass workin' man's helmet.

Intriguing Modern Retro John X

Searched around, and this is the only lid that really satisfied me visually and technically. Must admit that it's even comfortable while riding. I wear glasses and with them the helmet's fine. Fit is very realistic to size on label. Bought the gloss black to go with my Jet black Speed Triple. Oh, by the way, I just bought the Skratch Deluxe LTD Design. Bell has really done a fine job.

Bell Custom 500 Ross

I have tried on many different open face and bell is by far the most comfortable in my opinion. Don't order based off sizing online, you have to actually go try the helmets on to see what size fits you best. They should feel real snug brand new because they will wear in a bit after use. I have had mine about a year now and it is wore in. Quality is great, keep it in the helmet bag they give you and it will last forever, mine still looks brand new! great helmet I would highly recommend this...


Used to ride flat track many moons ago, with a flat shield. This is one cool and authentic helmet. Great fit and top quality construction.

custom 500 Junior B

FINALLY! a cool open-face that sits right on the head. Scratch's design is rad but had to roll with the "Speed Soul" as I am into old bikes and vintage tattoo's. The fit and finish of these are amazing and I might have to buck-up and get Scratch's design also. Thanks!!! and keep up the great work.

Bell Custom 500 Matte Black, L JK

Just got this helmet last weekend, ridden about 500 miles. This is a well made, great fitting helmet. My head measures at 23cm, the large fits perfectly, snug but not too tight. I got both the smoke and clear Bell face shields, they work great, minimal noise. I have worn a novelty Beanie for years and never felt comfortable in traffic. This helmet is also narrow in profile so you dont look like a martian either. Highly recommend.

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