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Built Bell Tough. Innovative Muzzle.

Stand out from the crowd. The Rogue combines raw attitude and real-world practicality in one badass helmet! With the look of a half helmet, the fit of a ¾, and an aggressive muzzle shielding your face from mother nature or the prying public’s eye, there really is nothing else like it on the road.


  • 3 Shell and EPS Sizes for a Personalized Fit
  • Convenient speaker pockets for easy communication device set-up
  • Durable, adjustable Muzzle features removable liner
  • FidLock magnetic connection for easy muzzle connection/removal
  • Industry-Leading Five-Year Warranty
  • Lightweight Composite Shell
  • Removable/Washable Interior



1350 Grams


  • AS
  • DOT

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Very pleasant first impression Trent

Just received my 2XL Rogue. It fit my pumpkin like a glove. The muzzle took some adjusting, as it would, and the result is a very pleasant fit. As to the muzzle and additional safety; not taking a june bug to the chops at 70 mph adds to overall safety. Perhaps Bell can't make that statement but I can.

Like it! Rick

I love the look of this helmet... Radical & menacing! I totally get the muzzle is largely aesthetic. But, it does deflect bug & road grime/debris from the face. I have have rode over 125 miles with it. Fit is good & comfortable. I found this helmet to run half size smaller than others I have tried. Two suggested improvements for this price point. 1. Quick release clasp for the chin strap. 2. Longer/extended muzzle adjustment straps. With the rigid liner velcro'd in place there is a significant rub on the nose no matter how I adjust it. Not comfortable at all. Neither is a show stopper for me. I managed some self-made improvements. Just disappointed these are missing considering the cost of the helmet. These issues are reflected in my star ratings. Overall, I am satisfied & would recommend.

Visor please <FACE><

Holding off until a visor option or maybe a muzzle with goggles combo. Hopeful for the integrated eye visor flip down.

After 5,000 miles, Multiple problems Harley VRod Pilot

The liner that is glued to the mouth guard fell out the first time I rode in the rain. Nothing could get it to stick back on. I have a normal head, with a small nose and no matter WHAT, it always finds a way to rub on, itch, or tickle my nose when I'm riding. Ventilation isn't very good either. The area around my mouth sweats now. Also, I have lost the mouth guard just the other day when I bumped it putting my chin down on the tank. Now I have a helmet with no mouth guard. Seriously cool idea, lots of potential, but there should be a way to take the helmet off and or raise the mouth guard without the damn thing falling off.

Large Presence Sych

I really liked this helmet at first but as time wore on I found it to be too large of a profile. With the mask on and geared up its hard to notice and it does get noticed but I'd like to see a more streamlined combat style helmet so I could throw it on without the mask.

Didnt Fit my Face DrMucker

I went to the dealer and the young lady got me the right size and if fit just great, but when we tried to mount the chin guard it just did not fit my face it was unfortunate as I really wanted to buy this helmet, perhaps if there is an adjustment besides in and out I will be able to fit my face. but not right now.

Killer Corey

I want one now just need th xl in matt black hope they make it and if they put a visor on it I would not want it as it looks tough as it is just wear sunglasses

Great Helmet Ed S

The most comfortable helmet that I have ever had and it doesn't hurt that it is bad a** looking. Find a good pair of goggles and your set.

A Bell convert Gary B

OK SO I just bought it today - but have already worm it on 100 mile ride and LOVE this thing. Stayed put without "rising" and had good air flow in 105 degree heat. It's the first Bell helmet that fit my particular head shape (very large and very oval). Great fit right out of the box - no hot spots, yet plenty snug enough to not move around in the event of an untimely get-off. This is the first Bell I've had in many years because of head shape - this one however is a perfect fit - GREAT JOB GUYS

Whaddya mean "Why?" Eric

Look at that thing, it's crazy, it's beautiful, it's menacing, it's functional. I want one, like, yesterday.

Looks, but no function. Cool in pictures, not so much in person. C W

The face mask is basically for looks and the occasional small bug. Otherwise it is just an open face helmet. The face protector offers NO protection in a crash. Call me when you make one that does, because then it might be worth $250.00. Good idea, but needs to function, rather than just "look cool".

Without the face mask, it looks like the giant helmet from Spaceballs. I drove a long way just to try it on and buy one - needless to say, I drove home without one.

why...? Jeff "BUFFALO" Barnes

I like the overall look, kinda futuristic/retro. but I can't seem to figure out why I need the "muzzle". I also think a drop down visor would "finish" this helmet.

Chin Guard for Elements not safety Atom

Please remember that this product does not protect the chin or face in an accident and is there to help against the ELEMENTS only.

Needs more time at R&D Steve

While the helmet looks good there are some design flaws...The muzzle, when extended out to get off the nose does so in a downward angle so by the time it's comfortable it no longer covers the nose. The short muzzle straps are useless as they do not extend out far enough to wear the muzzle with the insert installed, I have searched everywhere and cannot find the longer muzzle straps, they should have been made an option when ordering. I am now forced to modify the muzzle straps so it will fit as intended. At $249.00 you'd think you'd get a product that was properly thought through before it was sold.

One Oversight Kevin

Well I have to say that this helmet was for the most part everything I want it to be. I feel much more secure then with a typical beanie and the extra protection of the muzzle is really great to have.

The only con of this helmet is the pieces used to connect the muzzle to the helmet are much to short. I purchased a M and feel that my face does not stick out more than average but the breathe box is way to tight to my face. For the price point in Canada I am defiantly very disappointed to have to spend more on trying to track down the longer pieces that I have read are available.

Finally Something That Works and FITS Jeff

Have been looking for a half helmet that fits well and has a good look to it.
This Rogue with the chin guard is perfect and with the adjustable chin guards straps this has a comfortable fit.
But need the long chin guards straps for a perfect fit that includes the breath guard.

Bell Rogue Brock

I own several bell helmets. Having a retractile visor with options for clear, yellow, and tint would make this helmet irresistible. I will say that at first glance I wanted this helmet b/c I am a helmet fanatic. But after reading the reviews and researching I would want to wait in hopes that a second GEN Model would come out with a visor feature( More R&D). Great light weight half helmet though. Just would be better with a visor feature.

Needs John

This helmet would be 100% perfect if it had a "top gun" like visor.

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