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Pit Boss

$129.95 - $329.95


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Pit Boss

Perfect Your Fit

Looks can be deceiving. At first glance our Pit Boss may look like many other half helmets in the cruiser category. Scratch the surface, though, and you’ll discover quality that sets it above the competition: A lightweight Tri-Matrix (carbon/Kevlar/fiberglass composite) or full-carbon shell, an innovative Speed dial fit system that prevents “lift and slippage” plaguing most other half helmets, a drop-down internal sun shield provides on the fly protection from the sun, and a removable neck curtain not only offers cold weather protection but also houses speaker pockets should as a convenient way to add audio enhancement. Snug the Pit Boss onto your head, thumb the starter button, one ride will confirm the Pit Boss as the King of the Road.


  • Convenient speaker pockets for easy communication device set-up
  • Industry-Leading Five-Year Warranty
  • Innovative Speed Dial adjustable fit system
  • Internal Sun Shade offers “on the fly” protection from the sun
  • Lightweight composite shell or Carbon composite shell
  • Removable neck curtain for cold-weather riding



900 Grams


  • DOT


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Very Nice! Robert

I was looking for something practical yet comfortable. My obstacle to overcome was I wear eyeglasses. With the drop down shield and speed dial, it was any easy choice. I would recommend this helmet to anyone!

Great Choice One more Mike

I've had this helmet for about 6 months and love it. Like the others, I think the fit is perfect. I do have to tighten up a notch when on the interstate, but that is the beauty of it, you can decide how tight it needs to be for the conditions. Also, it fits in my hard bag on my Street Glide so I can store it out of the sun. The only thing I'd change is to have multiple flip down shields. The dark one at night not a good idea.

Great Helmet and does a great job when needed most Lance

Love the fit and comfort. But true test came when I was launch from my bike and flew over a car's trunk. I tumbled a few times. Helmet was gouged but my head was fine. CT scans and x-rays confirmed no head or neck damage. This is a great helmet. So comfortable you almost forget you have it on but when you need it most, it's there.

This helmet is a life saver Mike

Not only is this helmet the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn last Labor day it saved my life. While on a trip in Montana I lost control on a curve at approx. 65-70 mph (the speed limit was 70). I went down and hit my head all I suffered was a concussion. Dr's said that I would not have survived if it wasn't for the helmet. I have since bought another bike and have been looking for another one but have not had any luck finding the right one. I would highly recommend this helmet to anyone. I live in a state with no helmet law and would not dream of getting on my bike without one.

Great helmet that is very practicle Whitty

I hate wearing a helmet, but this helmet is the most comfortable one I have ever worn. The retractable visor is an awesome idea, but the retaining clips just broke after a couple months use. The ratchet adjustment makes for a nice fit and the ear muff blocks 80% of the wind and cold. I would recommend this helmet to anyone who rides everyday and wears prescription glasses.

Cool Design Joe

I really like the design of this helmet. The flip down shades and comfort was a good fit for my riding style. Only thing I would change is to have the shades adjustable left to right to make a better fit.

Color Dan

Why is white not available? I would buy one.

Very Nice Looking Helmet John Adams

I just got back from Americade and rode home with my new Pit Boss Helmet (Over 600km). This helmet has a great look, great fit, and a great price! I tried on a lot of helmets and if your looking for a half helmet that doesn't make you look like "The Great Kazoo" from the Flintstones, this helmet is it. It actually has a great low profile. The pop down half screen is great protection for the eyes while still allowing you to get some breeze on the face. I absolutely love the fact that you can adjust the fit on the back as well. Just be careful though, they scratch very easily.

Maximum Comfort RG

Bought this at a rally. Have used half helmets for 20 years mostly Harley brand. This was is by far the most comfortable. I bought it at the rally and rode 300 miles the next day with it. Finally someone that realizes that not all heads are created equal. The size adjustment allow you to fine tune the fit. This helmet fits snug and doesn't lift up with speed. The shape also helps reduce some buffeting. The flip down visor is great for those unexpected rain showers that always seem to pop up.

great helmet ankleman

bought this helmet for a second helmet. i have a full face aria helmet and needed a open faced helmet for local riding.
this pit boss is great,light and comfortable.
the adjustment in back of helmet is also a great feature,helmet stays on and does not lift off head. that's correct does not lift off head.
so far this is a great helmet and i may never wear my full face again. although on highway the noise reduction a full face helmet provides is awesome,so ill probably still wear full face on long rides.

Awesome fit Glenn

I tried 5 different brands then tried this on. It fits like a glove and the new tightening device just adds to the fit. I have not ridden with it yet. I'll follow up. All I can say is, a fit like this should be all I need.

Great half helmet newbie

I bought this as my first helmet, and like it so far! I'm a new rider so I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted. I like that this has the adjustable strap built in to the helmet, especially since it's a half, so it stays on nice & tight when scootin down the road. The clear half shield is nice too, however I'm hoping they put out some sort of attachment for a full faced shield, otherwise I'll have to get another helmet. So far, so good though.

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