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BMX | UCI BMC World Championships

EVENT RECAP - Last weekend the UCI BMX World Championships were held in Auckland, New Zealand.  Riders from over 30 different countries raced in front of a sold out crowd at an indoor stadium in downtown Auckland.  Kiwi riders were the heavy crowd favorites but it was Australia and the UK who ended up taking home the Men and Women's Elite World Titles.

The event venue featured a four story starting hill that throttled the elite racers into the paved first turn at over 60km per hour. It was a tough weekend with first turn crashes taking out most of the top riders in the qualifying rounds, including  BELL Americans Brooke Crain, Nic Long, Corben Sharrah and French rider Sylvain Andre.   

For race videos and ongoing event coverage, check out the BELL Bike Instagram page.

Posted on July 31, 2013 by Bell