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North Vancouver Joy Rides are mountain bike rides for women looking for both camaraderie and challenge in a fun and supportive environment.

Our monthly Joy Rides are designed to suit all skill levels. The trails in North Vancouver and the Sea-to-Sky are our playground. The focus of our Joy Rides is simple: discover new places and make new connections while having fun on two wheels!

Our rides are pressure-free and worry-free. We make sure every rider is comfortable with the pace of the group and that no section of trail is beyond their ability level.

Meet the Ride Leader

Jaclyn Delacroix I am a professional mountain bike coach and my main focus has always been on supporting and encouraging other female riders. Jaclyn Delacroix


I moved to North Vancouver nearly a decade ago and fell in love with mountain biking. Since then I have been actively involved in the women's mountain bike community here on the Shore and the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Through the Bell Joy Ride Program, I am stoked to be able to facilitate getting more women out riding bikes in a fun, no pressure environment. We already have an amazing community here and I look forward to help growing it further while making new friends and having a tonne of fun and laughs along the way.

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