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Tucson Joy Rides bring women riders together in a fun, supportive environment to foster camraderie and friendship.

We welcome all levels of riders on our monthly rides. Most trails in Tucson are appropriate for new riders. We ensure no rider feels pressure to keep up with a group that is faster than she is comfortable riding or ride any obstacle or section that is beyond her abilities.

Meet the Ride Leader

Veronique Pardee It’s my supreme pleasure to help spread the joy of mountain biking to women in my community. Veronique Pardee


I moved to Tucson 15 years ago, where I was introduced to mountain biking. The woman who would become my best friend took me on the scariest, most exhilarating and beautiful ride of my life. I was instantly addicted. I rode every chance I had while managing my career.

I met my husband while cycling, and my skills improved greatly following behind him. But I always longed for a group of women to ride with … something about riding with other women appealed to me more than riding with a mixed group.

I started coaching with el Grupo Youth Cycling two years ago and it was at a youth riders mountain bike camp in Durango that I met one of the coaches for the Trek Dirt Series. I signed up for the next Dirt Series women's camp in Durango and it blew my mind. Breaking down skills and then sessioning trails improved my riding (and coaching) dramatically. Riding with women was fun and supportive — just different in a really good way. And the coaches were all wearing super cool Bell helmets!

My best friend and I left inspired to bring the Dirt Series to Tucson and re-create some of that magic in our hometown. We started ‘In Session,’ a meetup for women mountain bikers interested in riding together, sessioning trails and improving their skills. ‘In Session’ has now become Bell Joy Ride — Tucson, AZ thanks to the awesome folks at Bell Helmets who are dedicated to women’s mountain biking. Come ride with us!

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