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Bell Joy Ride – Santa Rosa, CA is all about women, camaraderie, support, networking, and fun! I want ignite a huge movement within Sonoma County to get more women on bikes.

It is my life mission to support and encourage more women through mountain biking. I love to host rides that provide an atmosphere where women feel comfortable trying new things, improving skills, networking with other women, and — above all else — having fun!  I am so excited to continue growing the amazing community of women mountain bike riders here in Santa Rosa, CA, with the amazing assistance from the Bell Joy Ride program.

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Amber-Lyn Streiff It is my life mission to support and encourage more women through mountain biking. Amber-Lyn Streiff


I started mountain biking a little over a year ago, and in that short time developed an insane love for the sport with an even bigger passion for getting more women on bikes. I spent the first few months of my bike career riding my local trails alone. It wasn’t until a group of ladies invited me to ride with them that I realized the camaraderie and power of women riding together. Biking has personally given me confidence, courage, and strength.  I am inspired daily in and out of the saddle to push past my fears, to quiet that voice in my head that says “I can’t,” and to chase my dreams.

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