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Bell Joy Ride — Madison, WI is an informal women’s-only mountain bike group that is open to all rider ability levels.

We are not a club or a team. We provide events and resources that are supportive, fun, and confidence-building. All events are free and open to all women. We host regular, structured and social rides that are organized by rider level: beginner to advanced. We want women to challenge themselves and gain skills in an environment that encourages them and does not push them.

We offer opportunities to connect with other female riders. We are based in Madison, WI, where our rides often meet. Bell Joy Ride — Madison, WI aims to not only get women riding and riding more often, but to also find ways to give back to our local trails.

Meet the Ride Leader

Amber Krueger For me, cycling is all about empowerment. Riding on rocks and up and over gnarly roots is empowering and women should feel empowered! Amber Krueger


I have been working in the bicycle industry off and on for about six years. I got my start working at a shop while in college as the "shop rat” running errands and organizing parts. Slowly, I began wrenching and it completely change my life.

For me cycling is all about empowerment. It is such an incredible feeling to be able to build and maintain my sole means of transportation. I have always loved commuting and bike touring but was never really a mountain biker. Riding off-road was scary!

I moved to Madison several years ago and up until then I swore off mountain biking. My first attempt at it was not so great … it was a dark winter night on the rockiest trails around, with my significant other at the time. It ended in tears. After moving to Madison and finding friends who were willing to take their time to ride with me and show me how to ride while not pushing me, my whole outlook on riding off-road changed!

Mountain biking is exciting, beautiful and calming. It is my time to disconnect and just ride. In the last year I have been working with our local IMBA branch (CORP) to find a way to get more women riding. Bell Joy Ride — Madison, WI is in the beginning stages, but the overwhelming support has been amazing! I am really excited to see what 2016 brings!

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