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Bell Joy Ride — Knoxville, TN is designed to help women of all ages realize their potential through cycling.

We are aiming to create a community that will empower girls and women through the sport, emphasize the importance of goal setting, promote healthy lifestyles, and recognize the positive effects of strong female bonds. While this program is centered around creating camaraderie for women on bikes, it is most importantly about having fun in a constructive environment.

It's time for women to come off of the sidelines and feel the connection to Knoxville's mountain bike community. We want to continue spreading the connectedness!

Meet the Ride Leader

Missy Petty I hope to inspire female mountain bikers with regular, structured, fun, and social rides that appeal to all levels of riders. Missy Petty


I am a passionate rider and sponsored racer for well over 10 years. I am a women's mountain biking advocate promoting the love of cycling by supporting and encouraging no-drop rides dedicated solely to the female rider by helping to lead women-only rides in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The mountain biking community in Knoxville — my family — has grown into an amazing and energetic group of people. It’s all about hard work, good fun, and at the end of the day, a great place to ride and live. I love riding a mountain bike and being a part of such an incredibly connected community/family, so why not share that joy with others and perhaps turn that someone into a passionate, lifelong rider and advocate?

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