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Bell Joy Ride — Edmonton, Alberta is about getting women excited about mountain biking.

We have extensive circles of riders to engage, and we’re passionate about maintaining a lifestyle that facilitates healthy mind and body. We want to build a fun and safe place for women to come and spend time together on the incredible singletrack that Alberta has to offer. We want our rides to be events that women look forward to and plan their summers around.

Our Joy Rides are about building relationships, getting outside, and building memories. We want people to go to work the next day and be excited to share their adventures with their coworkers.

Meet the Ride Leader

Nina Karpoff I have made it my mission to share my passion for cycling with everyone. Nina Karpoff


Everything cycling, as I know it, started four years ago with downhill mountain biking on a rented bike at Sun Peaks resort in British Columbia. This had to be the most dangerous and most exciting sport I had ever done.

My life is completely built around cycling as my boyfriend is also heavily involved in the cycling community and has branched out into several riding groups as well. I have been lucky to have several friends and family join me on the beautiful singletrack trails here in Edmonton and experience the sport of cycling in a way they have never seen it before.

I continue to spread my love for cycling and continue to engage people with stories and photos of my adventures … of course now, with Bell Helmets as an integral part of the story and journey.

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