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World Cup DH Stop #4

Leogang is located in the Austrian Alps about 2 hours outside of Salzburg, the race is held at a resort that operates as a MTB Bike in the summer.  This allows the track to have a mix of flowing bike park features with a mix of steep rocky sections through the trees.

This race kicks off the second half of the season for the World Cup DH racers, at this point the gloves are off and they will be fighting
from start to finish of every timed lap.

Be sure to log into www.Pinkbike.comto watch the final runs go down live on the 15th.

BELL Riders To Look For At The Race: 
Mick Hannah (AUS),
Brook Macdonald (NZ), Casey Brown (CAN), Bryn Atkinson (AUS), Jill Kintner
(USA), Loris Vergier (FRA), Loic Bruni (FRA), Emmeline Ragot (FRA), Sam
Blenkensop (NZ), Stefan Garlicki (South Africa), Eddy Masters (UK)