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    The TDS Enduro is an event unlike any other; principled on good times, going fast, and getting rowdy. TDS is as grassroots as it gets, hosted by the Sanchez family on their ranch in the hills of Grass Valley, CA. Racing bikes on trails burnt by dirt bikes is right up our alley, so we loaded up our van and headed north to see what good times we would get into.

              Our buddies at Fasthouse rolled up from SoCal to meet us at the ranch with our crew of riders like Ryan Howard, Tyler McCaul, The Trek Enduro Team – Shane Leslie, Cole Picchiottino, Travis Claypool, Trail Peek boys (Zach and Dane Petersen) along with many more. The team was dialed!

                    The race format at TDS is unlike any other and keeps things fun to say the least. The weekend starts with practice on Friday, followed by Dual Slalom at night to get seeded for race order. Saturday and Sunday each have 6 stages with 2 completely blind sections (riders were only allowed to walk them). The best part, one of the blind stages included a newly built road gap — who wouldn’t want to hit that for the first time during a race run surrounded by a 200-person crowd getting rowdy…But that’s the nature of this event, you have to send it or get heckled!

                          The racing is rad, but what makes this event so special are the spectators. Shout out to all the fans — from following the stages throughout the day and finding the best spot to post up, to cheering the riders on with endless cow bell rings, blowhorns and cheers. It’s because of you that we keep coming back. No matter the stage — Vigilante Rock Waterfall, Bloody Knuckle, Red Beard Rock Garden, Bell Speed Trap, Ass Slap Alley and the infamous TDS Wall Rides — you kept the energy alive! A special shout out to all the riders who successfully whipped their bikes into full beers for cheers. How else would you exit a table top?

                                What happens at the ranch, stays at the ranch. All we know is that many trails were ripped and even more beers were cracked…another reason we love coming out! This event is really one of a kind. TDS make the rules, build the trails, invite the riders and light the fires. They also throw pallets and couches on those fires too. Did we mention we love coming here? Huge thanks to Ron & Casey Sanchez and the TDS Crew for putting on another amazing race, we can’t wait till next year!