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    Ryan Nyquist began competing in 1997 and has won nearly every title in BMX park and dirt at least once over the course of his 16-year pro career. He holds 15 X Games medals and continues to add to the trophy collection, usually at the expense of competitors half his age. Now in his mid-30’s, a father of two and one of the oldest in the sport , Nyquist is an undisputed BMX legend. He also hasn’t conformed to the changing trends of his sport nor his original setup. He still uses a front rear break (the opposite of what most riders use today), but no one can come close to emulating his tricks. “Everyone has a different style; what’s hard or crazy for one rider may not be for another,” he says. “Mostly, I don’t worry about what others are doing. I worry about me. I’ve always been that way.”


        15X – X Games Medalist
        2007 – Dirt Dew Tour Champion


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