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Breaking the Mold

No two craniums are shaped exactly the same, and when you demand the absolute best for your head, there’s nothing better than a custom fit. Using a proprietary, 3D imaging program, Bell has created an industry-first, custom-mold process for the Moto-9 and Star Carbon. The result is a fit like no other helmet on the planet, made to your exact specifications.

Moto-9 Breaking it Down

Behind the Tech

Moto-9 Infared Intake Moto-9 Black Intake Moto-9 Pace Black/White Moto-9 Solid White Moto-9 Tagger Trouble Moto-9 Tagger Black Moto-9 Tracker Orange Moto-9 Yellow Camo

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Star Carbon Breaking it Down

Behind the Tech

Be among the first in the world to own a Custom-Fit Bell Helmet! Get your head scanned

The choice of Professionals

Custom built for total domination

Bell pushes the boundaries of innovation so our athletes can push the boundaries of speed. Their Custom-Fit Star Carbon & Moto-9 helmets deliver unparalleled fit and supreme comfort so they can focus on one thing — WINNING.

MIPS technology

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Warning: Motorcycling is a dangerous sport which may result in serious injury or even death. For proper use of your helmet, please refer to the owner’s manual.