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Wade Simmons

DOB: September 20, 1973
Stomping Grounds: Whistler, BC

Affectionately known as the Godfather of freeride, Wade Simmons is a pioneer for what is now recognized as one of the most popular disciplines within mountain biking — freeride. When Wade and his friends first took their bikes off jumps, rode down ultra-steep terrain, and built “woodies” on the trails on Vancouver’s North Shore, they had no idea they were founding an entire movement. But in the matter of a few years, freeride and downhill, usurped the Spandex-clad cross country scene as the definition of mountain biking. The winner of the inaugural Red Bull Rampage and dozens of other contests, Wade transcends competition. Living in Whistler, British Columbia, Wade now teaches riders of all levels at the Whistler Bike Park while continuing to represent his many sponsors in photo shoots, advertisements and videos.


  • 2001 - RedBull Rampage Champion
  • Inventor - True All-Mountain Style of Riding
  • Founder - Wades Excellent Adventure Annual Event


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