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Van Homan

DOB: November 21, 1979
Stomping Grounds: Pennsville, NJ
Street Legend

If you mention Van Homan’s name to anyone in BMX that hasn’t been under a rock for the last 15 years, one word comes to mind, Legend! Van blew up on the scene in the late 90s by making finals and placing well in Dirt Jump events like X Games, Gravity Games, Dirt Circuit and King of Dirt.  The thing that elevated Van’s legendary status were his parts in the Little Devil videos. Nearly 12 years after its release date, his “Criminal Mischief” video part still sets a benchmark by today’s standards and could compete for the Video Part of the Year today. The most amazing thing about Van and his riding are his continued progression and his ability to raise the bar as to what is possible on a BMX bike in the streets.  Van has been the NORA Cup Street “Rider of the Year” multiple times and ESPN’s “Action Sports Man of the Year.”  Bell is lucky to have our helmets on BMX royalty like Van.


In action


Van Homan's gear