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Pat Casey

DOB: December 26, 1993
Stomping Grounds: Yorba Linda, CA

Every decade brings a wave of new kids that change the game for everyone. Pat Casey is one of those kids. Whether throwing a flair off little more than a curb, front flipping at will or hitting off-axis 360 spins, Pat is as creative as he is athletic. The backflip decade is one of many new tricks he’s unleashed this past year, but still as one of the young guns, the mellow kid from California has years ahead to keep on innovating.


  • 2013 - Redbull Dream Line Champion
  • 2012 - Bronze Medal: X Games Park
  • 2012 - Silver Medal: FISE Park
  • 2011 - Gold Medal: FISE Park


In action

Bell Pat Casey

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