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Maris Strombergs

DOB: Mar 10 1987
Stomping Grounds: Riverside, CA

Maris has been racing BMX for 22 years now. He started racing when he was 5 years old and fell in love with this sport! Until 2009 he mostly raced in Europe and in 2009 he moved to the USA to race USABMX and NBL series.  Competition has always been tougher in the USA so Strombergs felt like if he wanted to keep growing and get better then this was the move he had to make. This has been the best decision he’s made in his life so far!


  • 2014 - USABMX Champion
  • 2014 - European Champion
  • 2014 - Argentina and Germany UCI world Cup winner
  • 2013 - European champion
  • 2012 - Olympic Gold medalist


Maris Strombergs's gear