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Jared Mees

DOB: April 16, 1986
Stomping Grounds: Clio, MI
Flat out Fast

Bell’s flat track legends include guys like racing great Mert Lawwill and Cal Rayborn, so it’s only natural that Jared Mees is on the roster. Mees started racing at the age of six, when his dad bought him a PW 50. Since then he’s raced almost every kind of motorcycle, but prefers flat track. Competing in the in the AMA Twin Class and Singles (which he is leading) Mees wears both Bell's award-winning Moto-9 helmet, and ultra-light Bell Star Carbon. "I've been a big fan of Bell since I was a kid, so when they asked me to join their team, I jumped at the opportunity.”


  • 2012 - GNC Singles Champion
  • 2012 - GNC Combined Champion
  • 2009 - GNC Twins Champion


In action

Bell’s 8 National Champions

Bell’s 8 National Champions

Jared Mees's gear