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Chris MacClugage

DOB: December 30, 1973
Stomping Grounds: Naples, FL

Chris MacClugage is an international treasure in Personal Watercraft racing. His legendary racing legacy was honed through his focused and determined lifelong pursuit defining the ethos of a Champion. He has won more world Championships and National Titles combined in his lifetime by dedicating his athletic tenacity to the podium, not by chance but through effort and professional development. He grew up with the sport and became the PWC icon to be reckoned with by proving what it takes to consistently win and defend every season with the herald of number one Titles; those rewards earned through hard work and sacrifice. Chris defined talent through his character and has become the sports definition of a legend. And that legend continues to be redefined and inspire the next generation.


  • 18x - IJSBA World Champion
  • 15x - U.S. National Champion
  • 3x - Thailand Kings Cup Champion
  • 2x - Japanese Champion
  • 2x - European Indoor Champion
  • Offshore - Guadeloupe Champion


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